📣 Novel wild-type strains and obesity-associated insulin resistance

👉 Our recent findings on novel strains isolated from various sources and their effect on obesity–associated insulin resistance are now published 👍 in Microorganisms MDPI by Somalou et al. 
A collaborative work with the significant contribution of the teams of Yiannis KourkoutasAnagnostis ArgiriouChristos Tsatsanis, and Panayiotis (Takis) Panas, increased our knowledge on probiotics and provided us with a library of probiotic candidates. 
In this work over 50 probiotic strains isolated from various sources were studied and from the 6 isolates that qualified based on a series of in vitro assays, two Pediococcus strains isolated from human feces and olive fruit demonstrated a reduction of cholesterol levels of up to 29.2% and 32.9% and adherence to Caco-2 cells of up to 11.7% and 21.4%, respectively.

👉 Mice that received a high-fat diet supplemented with P. acidilactici SK or P. acidilactici OLS3-1  significantly improved insulin resistance compared to only HFD-fed mice or to the normal diet (ND)-fed group. Both isolates caused significant changes in mice gut microbiota composition. P. acidilactici SK supplementation resulted in increased lactobacilli levels and a reduction in coliforms, Enterobacteriacae,and E. coli levels.

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More results on preclinical and clinical trials are to be published. Stay in touch….

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