• First published paper
    First published paper
    13 January 2021
    Οur first paper is published More Info: http://bit.ly/38JkEyQ
  • Presentation of preliminary results in innovative bioinformatics tools (2)
    Presentation of preliminary results in...
    12 April 2020
    Preliminary results of the innovative sequencing technologies developed in the frame of the iFUNfoods project were presented in Probiota 2020, which took place in Dublin 10-12 February 2020. Noticeably, our Poster was selected among the top 3...
  • 1st effort of probiotic cell cultivation in pilot scale
    1st effort of probiotic cell cultivation in...
    02 January 2020
    The first attempt of wild type probiotic cell cultivation in pilot scale carried out last week was successful!
  • Kick-off Meeting
    Kick-off Meeting
    03 October 2019
    The iFUNFoods project, an ambitious 3-year project aiming to provide useful insight on the role of probiotics in our health, has now been launched. The Kick-Off Meeting of iFUNFoods project was held in CERTH, Thessaloniki on the 3rd of October...
  • Transferring the research of the iFUNFoods project to the heart of the probiotic industry
    Transferring the research of the iFUNFoods...
    01 September 2019
      The iFUNFoods group presented a poster with the first research results entitled "Developing effective functional constituents for probiotic cultures in foods" at the Probiota-2019 International Conference in Copenhagen on 13-15 February 2019...
  • Annual Meeting
    Annual Meeting
    31 August 2019
      On 4 October 2019, the annual meeting of the iFUNFoods project took place at CERTH in Thermi, Thessaloniki, during which significant results were presented and the next steps of the research were designed.